by Vindensång

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"Alpha" is the follow-up to the band's debut full-length "Terminus: Rebirth in Eight Parts". With spacious atmospheres and the most complex compositions that the band has released to date, "Alpha" takes the listener on a journey through darkness and rebirth.


released February 4, 2014

The album was recorded and mixed at Woodland Studios between Summer of 2009 and Summer of 2013. Mastering by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden.



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Vindensång Pennsylvania

Vindensång is an American ambient band with strong influence from post-rock, experimental rock, and experimental metal. They have become known for their conceptual, genre-bending music and for capturing and re-producing atmosphere in sound. Since their formation, they have released one demo, one EP, and one full-length album, and are releasing a new full-length album, "Alpha" in 2013. ... more

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Track Name: The Eternal Return
We are but the dust of stars,
And unto dust we shall return

The cosmic serpent devours its tail
Seeking the source and
Ripping apart the fabric of space and time

Both bones and stars alike are crushed
By the weight of gravity
Into nothingness and oblivion
Swallowed by the mouth of darkness
Where all form will be destroyed,
And all light will be consumed
Pulling the heavens downward
Into the yawning chasm
That expands and envelops all things
At the twilight of the universe
We will return to the dust
From which we have been created
Track Name: Into the Formless Void
Empty blackness surrounds me
And enwraps my body
Suspended in starless darkness
Without beginning or end

The darkness pulls me under
Into vast and immeasurable depths
That swirl and churn like waves
Descending downwards
Through unknown waters
That separate me from the surface

In silence and nothingness
I become the unformed

The waters flow through me
Bursting forth in streaming torrents
That dissolve and wash away
What remains of this form
Vanishing like shadows in the night
As I slip away into deepening darkness
Track Name: Lights of the Abyss
A glow rises from the darkness
Like the first light of dawn
Breaking through the veil of night
And bathes me in dim illumination
That surges and pulses
With the movement of distant brilliance

Like the moth is drawn to the flame
That erupts out of a sea of black
I am drawn into the light
And all of the darkness burns away
I am consumed by the light
And all of the darkness burns away
Track Name: Within the Womb of Creation
Inside there is a fire that burns
With the heat of a thousand stars
Rising within me
And setting the void ablaze

From the flames
Arises a flood of clear light
That transforms me
Into limitless burning radiance

Like the stars, I am born from light
Appearing out of nothing—
The great emptiness that bears us all

The quiet and fertile darkness
Gives rise to the blinding light of day
That lifts me upwards
Becoming the pure vibrating energy
Which flows through everything
Becoming the pulse of life
And as it runs through me
The universe will be born again